Founder Chairman


The Warehousing & Logistics have emerged as the most modern sector during the last two decades to facilitate and support the agriculture and industrial sectors which contribute major share in the national GDP. In this modern era of automation and fierce competition, the industries and brands are striving hard to provide best quality manufactured goods to their consumers. In this connection, the industries in Pakistan are looking towards the modern Warehousing services through expansion as well as collaboration by availing the services by adding value to their supply chain management.The Manufacturing sector covering FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Food & Dairy, Textile, Cement, Construction industry, heavy machinery and earth moving equipment sector as well as Ecommerce companies have established their own modern Warehousing & Logistics facility or have collaborated with various Warehousing & Logistics services providers who have established such facility for the purpose.

With huge capital investment, revenue generation for the Government and creating huge employment opportunities for the citizens, special Value-added
services have been introduced and established to transform the Warehousing & Logistics on international standards with upgrading of inventory management and storage on modern lines with latest tools, equipment and machinery.

Establishment of purpose-build and temperate-control warehouses are revolutionary moves to support all the segments of the economy. Cool-Chains/ Temperature controlled warehousing and specialized logistics have become mandatory requirements for both the agriculture and industrial sector.

Billions of Rupees have been heavily invested by the local and foreign investors in the modern Warehousing & Logistics.

Recognizing that significant importance of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and establishment of CPEC Special Economic Zones, creation of modern Warehousing with specialized Logistics is crucial to cater the need and requirements of various CPEC projects as well as the need of manufacturing industries across Pakistan by constructing Temperature Controlled units, Bonded & Non-Bonded Warehouses, Cold storages, Bulk storages, Commercial Warehouses & Distribution centres, Silos and other Purpose-Built Warehouses.

The State Bank of Pakistan recognizing the pivotal role of Modern Warehousing Logistics to support the agriculture sector has introduced both under Islamic & Conventional Banking, in order to develop the agricultural produce marketing and enhance storage capacity promoting modern warehousing through its highly appreciable schemes i.e. “Financing Facility for Storage of Agricultural Produce (FFSAP)” and “Islamic Financing Facility for Storage of Agricultural Produce (IFFSAP)” which focuses to encourage Private Sector to establish Silos, Warehouses and Cold Storages for storage of agricultural produce.

In the said scheme, financing is available on long term basis for establishment, expansion and balancing, modernization & replacement (BMR). The SBP, on request of Warehousing & Logistics Association is also considering to introduce said schemes for industries as well to support further industrialization.

The Federal Commerce Ministry in its Draft National Domestic Commerce Policy has also accorded priority to the Cold Storages and Warehouses to develop the national commerce in order to ultimately support the international trade. The Board of Investment of Pakistan has also ranked the modern Warehousing & Logistics in the priority sectors which is also reflecting on BOI’s website.

Foregoing in view, the Warehousing & Logistics Association, a Trade Organization registered with the Government of Pakistan, Federal Commerce Ministry
through its Directorate General of Trade Organizations (DGTO) under Trade Organizations Act 2013, incorporated with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) under Companies Act 2017 holds the mandate to represent as the national Association and emphasize that the
Warehousing & Logistics has been progressed as a full-fledged “Allied Industry” to support all types of manufacturing industries in Pakistan.

Establishment of the Warehousing & Logistics Association is an imperative and pragmatic move to enterprise with the Government, Regulatory Bodies/
Institutions, Organizations and other stakeholders like hands-in-gloves to promote and develop “Warehousing” through business policy advocacy, public service and recommendations for improving business environment.

The Association is led by most experienced businesspersons in the relevant field and successfully engaged and excelling in the Warehousing & Logistics business for the last several decades.

I, as the Founder Chairman, cordially welcome the business concerns engaged in Warehousing & Logistics business to become the member of Warehousing & Logistics Association to avail the services and support from the legitimate and recognized platform for business policy advocacy, business promotion and development, improving warehousing & logistics standards and safeguard genuine business interests.

I, on behalf of Warehousing & Logistics Association, assure highest considerations and support.
Founder Chairman